Weeding Out Under-Qualified Applicants When Hiring For An Important Position

25 August 2015
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If you need to fill a position within your company, and the job you are offering is one where you need the best possible candidate so your company runs smoothly, you will most likely want to take extra steps in the hiring process to make sure you find the right person. Hiring for an important position can take a bit longer to find someone with the qualifications you need. Here are a few tips to use when searching for the best person to fill an important position.

Watch Your Wording

When you post an employment opportunity in a newspaper or online, instead of listing the minimum qualifications needed to get the job, list the desired qualifications for the job. Many companies make the mistake in listing on the lower end, attracting people who are not qualified for the job at hand. Placing the qualifications desired will eliminate applications from people who know they are not able to perform the job effectively, giving you a better pool of applicants to choose from as a result. You may not receive as many applications, so the hiring process may not happen as quickly, but you will have the peace of mind you will receive top-of-the-line applicants to choose from because of the stipulations you had set in place.

Hire A Screening Company

When you are in the process of collecting applications and resumes for the open position, you will receive some that are under-qualified. Because of the diversity of applicants you will need to deal with, hiring an employment screening company to eliminate those that are nowhere near what you are looking for will save you time. The screening company will give you a list of the best choices within the applications you had received, and will print out reports about the qualifications each person has so you do not need to sift through resumes and paperwork to find the pertinent information you are looking for. 

Give Applicants A Test

One way to weed out applicants you do not believe would work well within your company is to give material to them to see if they are adept at following directions. If you hand them a packet of information about the company and ask them to read it over before the interview, place a paragraph within the information that tells them to do a task, such as email you with a specific sentence. If you do not receive an email from the applicant, you will know they did not read the material, and you can call them to tell them you are canceling the interview because they did not meet the qualifications. This test is a great way to see if a person is dedicated in following directions you give.