A Few Things You Can Learn By Taking Interactive Excel Training

29 April 2016
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If you have been using Microsoft Excel to create financial reports or manage your budget, you are missing out on many different functions of the program. To take complete advantage of everything it has to offer, attend interactive excel training. The things you will learn may just give you the edge when applying for jobs in the future, or help you complete more complicated tasks with ease in your current position. Here are just a few of the advanced features of Excel you can learn to use.

Pivot Tables

In simple terms, a pivot table is a tool used to find and summarize data in a spreadsheet. For example, you create a spreadsheet that has the items your company sells, how much you paid for them, how much you charge, how much you have on hand, and how much you ordered last. Now, you need to know how much money is tied up in the inventory and how much you can sell it all for. A pivot table can do this for you easily. Any data can be pulled out and added to other data to provide you with any type of information you need.

Macros and Automation

If there are tasks you perform regularly within Excel, you can create macros to do them for you automatically. A good example would be the sending of monthly financial reports to the company's officers. Once you know how to set things up, you can have the reports generated and emailed after you leave the office on the day they are due every month.

Charts and Graphs

Instead of making a presentation showing columns of numbers and a lot of text explaining what the numbers mean, you can learn to have Excel great a graph or chart of the information you need to present. Include the visuals at the end of a lengthy report to help everyone retain the information for future use. You can also have the graphs or charts enlarged to hang in a conference room and used to keep track of any progress made toward a goal.

Many people do not have any idea just what can be done with Excel. If you learn to use as many of the features as possible you will be able to accomplish tasks that take others much longer. You will save time and see an increase in reports being done that can help you find ways to save money.